What I miss about Florida

I’ve been living in New Zealand since mid January and I left home on December 24th, so I’m getting a little homesick. In addition to missing irreplaceable things – like my family, friends and mother-in-law’s cat, I’m also missing some random things that just made Florida nice. Please enjoy my humorous post about things I miss in the U.S. I understand some of these things could be gotten in New Zealand, but the price or means to acquire makes it not possible for me.

1. Florida Oranges – Sure they sell Oranges in the grocery store here, but I haven’t tried one. They either look sad or are just too expensive. I doubt they have good oranges here – it is too cold. I guess they can important them from Australia, but I wonder if it is too dry there. There is nothing that compares to a fresh Florida orange – they are sweet and juicy and have the perfect texture. I also miss Florida Orange Juice (it is a brand).

2. Straight Roads – I miss jumping on I-75 and going 100mph – yeah the speed limit is 70mph, but with nice wide empty roads I can’t help but to speed sometimes. Here the highest speed limit is 100 kmh which is only 62mph. Even with the 62mph speed limit you usually don’t do more than 50. The windy roads often endย  in steep cliffs so going slow isn’t just the law, it is the only way to keep from plunging to your death. I understand New Zealand doesn’t need our 10 lane mega-highways, but couldn’t they build a straight road from here to Auckland? Why do all of the roads have to feel like an amusement park ride?

3. Central Air and Heat – Fireplaces may look romantic in the movies, but I’m tired of lighting a fire every night. AND I want it to be warm in the morning!

4. Pay-at-the-Pump – Do we really need to go inside to pay for our gas? At home if they pay-at-the-pump is broken I drive to the next gas station. I don’t like to stand behind people buying sodas and cigarettes just to had over my $80 (yeah, gas is that expensive here!)

5. High Speed Unlimited Internet

6. Hot and Spicy Soup – I miss Chinese food and not just any Chinese food, but American Chinese food.

7. Drinking – Beer and Alcohol here are crazy expensive. There is so crazy tax that makes even the cheapest beer unattainable for the working class. Tui – a local beer – is $17 for a 6 pack. A 1 liter bottle of Vodka is 36.99 at home a decent brand that size is about $12.

More to come =)

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  1. Adeline ?>

    #2 We got fined twice so far for driving at 62kmph, at a 50kmph zone. LOL…and it was a downhill ride all the way!

    #3 I cant even think of where to begin with this one. Central heating in NZ sucks big time. It’s a luxury to them, wait til they find out that it’s a given in poorer european countries like Latvia!

    #4 PakNSave petrol pumps are like that. U pay at the pump. Better discounts too, as compared to SHell. Just make sure u get ur groceries from PakNSave, the more u spend, the bigger ur petrol discount voucher.

    #5 I hear you on the UNLIMITED internet. Funny that they seem to think that the internet rates here are ‘competitive’ – bunch of hogwash, I say. EVen Malaysia’s Internet is faster and unlimited. ๐Ÿ™‚

    #6 I seem to be getting the idea that anything “AsiaN” (food) is cheapo. They are either too oily or salty or just bland-tasting.Which really gives Asian/Chinese food a bad rep. Sigh!

    #7 Funny u mentioned that beer and alcohol are cheap here, even to the working class. Unfortunately, u’ll find them the most drunk of the lot, esp blue-collared workers. Our neighbours are like that. They get drunk, yell a lot and fight. LOL…yup, so much for living in the ‘south’ side of the city. LoL. Ghetto-style. Funny though – have u noticed that EVERYWHERE u go, the South side is always the rough side of town.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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