Tokoriki Resort vs. Amunuca – Tokoriki Island, Fiji

We had dinner at Tokoriki again tonight, and, as usual, it was splendid. As soon as I walk into that resort I feel happy. The lush gardens of Tokoriki are a stark contrast to the more desert like landscape of Amunca. We have to hike an unpaved path and pass a bit of a compost heap to get to the Tokoriki resort, but it is well worth the trek. As soon as we enter the Tokoriki gates we are greeted by beautiful flowers, tall palm trees and vine covered terraces. Even the public bathrooms at Tokoriki are decorated with fresh orchids and colorful paintings.

Tokoriki Resort - Beach & Boats

The bar and restaurant at Tokoriki are exactly what you would expect for an island resort, a beautiful wooden bar that overlooks an infinity pool in front of the turquoise ocean waters. The restaurant has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and there are even a few private decks for an intimate dinner just over the beach.

I’ve had the pleasure to try a few cocktails at Tokoriki and for once I am more than happy to pay $10 for a drink. All of their fancy cocktails are made with real fruit! Tonight I had something with fresh lychee – it was delicious! During the day they have a special alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit beverage. Once I had something with fresh papaya. There was so much fruit that I used a spoon to eat half of my drink. Another exotic drink that I highly recommend is the Pineapple Pash; it is a blend of fresh pineapple and mint. I’m usually not a huge fan of mint (think Mojitos), but the pineapple sweetens this drink to perfection.

The atmosphere at Tokoriki is a honeymooners’ dream. The resort seems to cater to couples and I only saw one family during our many visits. Just a quick glance at the restaurant shows that most of the tables are set for two. Every table is angled so you sit next to your loved one and look out over the ocean. The tables are spaced far enough apart so you aren’t a part of your neighbors conversation, and you are never put in that awkward position of looking into a strangers eyes every time you look up from your food.

What I really enjoy about the Tokoriki Resort is the live music. There is a live band every night with four guys who sing and play string instruments. The music is the perfect level, even when they come to your table to serenade you, you can still hear the person next to you. The music varies from soft and romantic to fun and cliché. One of my favorite parts is when they change popular songs to make them fit the scene. For example, Hotel California became Hotel Tokoriki. The musicians are fun and friendly. The main guy actually walks around and gets to know each and every guest so he can mention them during his announcements. Be warned, I asked for a ‘fun’ song and found myself ‘baaaa-ing’ like a sheep. =)

The food is pretty good, but can be hit or miss. The menu changes nightly so don’t expect to order something you saw the night before. Tonight I had the Mediterranean chicken, which was amazing, but my husband had pork chops and they were a little dry. The prices are just a little higher than at the Amunca Resort. My chicken was 45 Fiji dollars. The entire bill for two entrees a cocktail and a beer was 120 Fiji dollars which is about $60 USD. You don’t tip. There isn’t even an option on the credit card slip – just room for a signature. Although I would tip if there was an option. The service is excellent. It was as though we had four servers, but they never pestered us during the meal. The check always takes a little time, but I think that is because they are accustomed to serving their own resort guests. They had to take the bill to reception to run our credit card.

I haven’t seen the rooms at Tokoriki (except for a quick peak in an open door), but I would highly recommend this resort. Everything I have seen has been fantastic. They even had the most splendid New Years production with native dancing, fire baton twirling, a balloon drop, fireworks, a champagne toast and a 2010 float in the ocean in flames!

Tokoriki Resort - New Year's Eve

Tokoriki Resort - Beach & Boats

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