The King is Coming to New Zealand – Burger King

Burger King has launched a campaign in New Zealand with the slogan “The King is Coming”. There are typical Burger King style commercials that I assume appeal to a different demographic than I belong to. Sorry, I’ve just never found BK’s commercials amusing.

Well, I guess the commercials appeal to Paul more than they do me, because I found myself begrudgingly ordering off a Burger King menu here in New Zealand. I do have to admit, I was craving a little something from home, so even though I haven’t eaten at Burger King for years I was looking forward to a juicy chicken sandwich. I was really looking forward to some French Fries with ketchup and I even thought a sweet fountain drink would be a nice change (I haven’t had any soda since we left Miami).

The first shock came in an all too familiar static garble of the fast food microphone – “chchlajlif be 18.slkdifjl next window aldkdkjoajsh”. Did we hear that correctly? What did you order? Are we really paying $20 for two value meals?  Oh well, we never eat out, the NZ dollar is weaker than the US dollar. Some yummy french fries and a cold coke – it will be worth it.

Burger King in New Zealand

Burger King in New Zealand

The second shock was the warm sip of soda. UGH – we forgot to ask for ice. Ok, not a big deal, we’ll add ice to our miniature size coke when we get home. We tried to rationalize that the small soda had the same amount of liquid since there wasn’t any ice, but it still felt weird not getting an adult size drink.

Our third shock came when we opened the bag and saw the few measly fries spilled all over the bag. Not only did the value meal come with mini-drink it also comes with mini-fries. To make it worse they tasted like something that has been resting under the fridge for a week.

I guess I deserved everything I got since I did decide to eat American Fast Food in a foreign country. Fast food is bad enough at home – of course it is going to be horrible here. What surprises me is BK’s fight to establish dominance in this remote country.

A New Zealand Burger King Value Meal

A New Zealand Burger King Value Meal

There has been a regular new segment about some mom & pop hamburger stand that has to change the name of the signature burger the ‘whopper’ or face legal action. It is pretty obvious the burger joint isn’t trying to imitate BK so the situation just looks like big bad American company picking on a small New Zealand business. Luckily the small business kept a sense of humor about the ordeal and used it to ramp up publicity for their shop. They even opened a contest to the public to rename their signature burger.

My advice – avoid fast food – the ketchup is too sweet, the fries are mushy, the soda is warm and flat.  If you are craving something from home buy a Snickers.

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    If it felt weird not having an adult sized drink, don’t bloody buy a smaller than adult sized drink !

    Think with logic like us NZers.

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