Tawhai Falls in Tongariro National Park

I’ve been itching to see waterfalls since we landed in Fiji back in December, but for some reason or another they’ve always eluded us. Yesterday I decided that enough time had past and I was determined to see at least one waterfall. Lucky for me, we actually saw three that day!

Tawhai Falls

Tawhai Falls

It was a little rainy, but we just threw on our rain jackets and trekked on.  The first waterfall was only a 20 minute hike, so we figured we could at least see it before the weather forced us inside.  Fortunately, the rain eased up and we were able to get through most of the walk in dry weather.

The walk is very easy, even with the wet ground it wasn’t slippery.  The only steep parts were nicely built up by wooden staircases, so it wasn’t much of a hike at all.  I wasn’t expecting much since I had read that kayakers actually went over this waterfall as though it were just another part of a rapid water ride, but the falls were stunning.

The Tawhai Falls are about 25 feet high and crystal clear water poured over the edge and formed a beautiful blue pool underneath.  You can climb right to the edge of the falls and if it were a warmer day I would be tempted to wade in the water and stand under the falls.

I highly recommend this stop to anyone visiting the Tongariro Park or even the Lake Taupo area.  The walk is so short and easy it is enjoyable for people of all fitness levels.  Along the walk we saw lots of beautiful birds and flowers and the river below the falls is gorgeous too.

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