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Birds Seen in New Zealand

Yesterday we went for a short hike, the Pukawa Bush Walk, and were serenaded by dozens of birds. I’ve never heard so many birds at once and the variety of bird calls was very surprising.  Most of the birds were difficult to see, so I couldn’t identify which birds made what sound. Being difficult to […]

Huka Falls

We were in Taupo for about a month before we made it to one of the area’s main attractions, Huka Falls. Although it isn’t as tall as Taranaki Falls or Tawhai Falls, which are just south of Lake Taupo, Huka Falls is just as impressive due to the force and amount of water flowing over […]

Taranaki Falls in Tongariro National Park

On the same day we visited Tawhai Falls we saw the Taranaki Falls.  This waterfall was much higher and you could even hike behind it, so you could view the world from the other side of a waterfall! The Taranaki Falls is located on a 2 hour hike in Tongariro National Park.  It is off […]