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Hiking to the Three Waterfalls at Bouma National Park

Bouma National Park We decided to see the waterfalls made famous by the movie “Return to the Blue Lagoon” at Bouma National Park. We arranged for a taxi to pick us up from Bibi’s at 8:30 so we could arrive early and beat the crowds. Although, we were the first people there I don’t think […]

Tropical Cyclone Tomas Hits Fiji, Taveuni, Bibi’s Hideaway

Once again I find myself at the mercy of New Zealand TV. We only have three channels that come in with our rabbit ears here in Motuoapa, near Taupo, and none of them are delivering news. Since our Vodafone mobile broadband 3G internet connection is weak, and limited, I can’t watch videos, so no YouTube, […]

Fish Seen Snorkeling in Fiji

The snorkeling in Fiji was absolutely amazing.  The pictures just don’t do it justice.  The water was very clear and the colors were so vibrant.  I was disappointed when I saw the pictures, but I’m not a pro so they are what they are.  I’m sure with a better camera or a bigger flash you […]