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Ibis Hotel Ellerslie Review

We stayed at the Ibis Hotel in Ellerslie when we were hunting for a car. This isn’t a typical location for tourist, but ideal if you are car shopping in Auckland. The hotel is next door to the grounds where Auckland holds its monthly car fair and very close to Great South Road, the street […]

The King is Coming to New Zealand – Burger King

Burger King has launched a campaign in New Zealand with the slogan “The King is Coming”. There are typical Burger King style commercials that I assume appeal to a different demographic than I belong to. Sorry, I’ve just never found BK’s commercials amusing. Well, I guess the commercials appeal to Paul more than they do […]

Nancy Steen Garden

Next to the Parnell Rose Garden in the Dove Myer Robinson Park is a small, well-kept garden named after Nancy Steen. This place looks like the perfect set-up for a garden wedding. There is a little alcove with a fountain and a couple archways that would be ideal for the alter. Since I had just […]