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Orutua Walk, Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Next to Lake Taupo, just a few minutes drive from Turangi, is a very easy walk through the woods. The walk is shaded nearly the whole way and the gentle breeze from the wake keeps you cool as you stroll around the winding path listening to bird calls and admiring the foliage. There are no […]

Sliding Down a Volcano – Mount Ngauruhoe, Tongoriro Crossing

As I slid down the white rock grasping for anything to hold on to, I thought, if I don’t slow down I might actually die. It seems like something you would read in a fiction book or see in a movie. Being from Florida, where the highest point you reach above sea level is in […]

Taranaki Falls in Tongariro National Park

On the same day we visited Tawhai Falls we saw the Taranaki Falls.  This waterfall was much higher and you could even hike behind it, so you could view the world from the other side of a waterfall! The Taranaki Falls is located on a 2 hour hike in Tongariro National Park.  It is off […]