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Pillars of Hercules – Kaimanawa Forest

The Kaimanawa Forest is a little known nature park full of surprising sights. I’m amazed this forest is just minutes away from the famous Tongoriro National Park yet very few people have heard of it. The park has amazing walks, multi-day hikes, small waterfalls and fantastic gorges. We went to see the Pillars of Hercules […]

Tree Trunk Gorge

There are a few different walks in the Kaimanawa Forest. I mentioned the Urchin Track and Summit in yesterday’s blog post and there are two other neat sites to see in the park, Tree Trunk Gorge and the Pillars of Hercules. Tree Trunk Gorge Heading south on Desert Road the Kaimanawa Forest is on the […]

Hiking to the Urchin Summit in the Kaimanawa Forest

The Urchin Track and Summit is located in the Kaimanawa Forest and leads to the Waipakihi Valley, where you can continue your hike for a loop around the small mountain range staying at the 4 huts in the area. When we started the Urchin Track we were just looking for a fun day hike. We […]