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Bibi’s Hideaway Review & Tips

Tips for Staying at Bibi’s Hideaway – Taveuni, Fiji There isn’t any way to hang your clothes, except outside on the clothes line, so plan accordingly. There are dressers to put your clothes away, but if you were planning on letting the wrinkles fall out of a dress you’ll have to rig something. You could […]

First Day in Taveuni, Fiji

We arrived at Bibi’s Hideaway on June 1, 2010 a few months after the devastating Cyclone Tomas. The estate was beautiful, but the signs of the hurricane were obvious. Thirty foot palm trees littered the lawn and large bushes were half uprooted and struggling to stay green. The bures appeared to be in perfect condition […]

Wai O Tapu Mud Pools

There are lots of bubbling mud pits in and around Rotorura, but I think the coolest place to see mud boil is at the Wai O Tapu Mud Pools. The Wai O Tapu Thermal Wonderland boast sulfur pits, colored pools, boiling mud and a geyser for a $30 admission free, but the mud pools, which […]