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The King is Coming to New Zealand – Burger King

Burger King has launched a campaign in New Zealand with the slogan “The King is Coming”. There are typical Burger King style commercials that I assume appeal to a different demographic than I belong to. Sorry, I’ve just never found BK’s commercials amusing. Well, I guess the commercials appeal to Paul more than they do […]

Nancy Steen Garden

Next to the Parnell Rose Garden in the Dove Myer Robinson Park is a small, well-kept garden named after Nancy Steen. This place looks like the perfect set-up for a garden wedding. There is a little alcove with a fountain and a couple archways that would be ideal for the alter. Since I had just […]

Mercure Auckland Hotel Review

The Mercure in downtown Auckland is a luxurious budget accommodation. For about $50 USD a night I wasn’t expecting much, but I was delightfully surprised by the clean, efficient room. The room is a little small, but there is a small area by the door to store your luggage and have a little space. A […]