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Maori Carvings Lake Taupo: Launch Point and Pictures

The Maori Carvings on Lake Taupo are one of the area’s most famous attractions, before I even left Miami I knew this was something I wanted to see. Finding the 30 foot high cliff-side carving was a little more difficult than I had imagined. There were plenty of kayaking tours that would provide a guide […]

Parnell Rose Garden: Auckland, New Zealand

I love the Parnell Rose Garden at the edge of Dove Myer Robinson Park. It has over 4,500 rose bushes in every color you can imagine. When we stumbled upon this little treasure I was shocked that it was free! Next to the rose garden is a gorgeous little cottage that is perfect for a […]

Ibis Hotel Ellerslie Review

We stayed at the Ibis Hotel in Ellerslie when we were hunting for a car. This isn’t a typical location for tourist, but ideal if you are car shopping in Auckland. The hotel is next door to the grounds where Auckland holds its monthly car fair and very close to Great South Road, the street […]