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10 Things I Love about Lake Taupo

I’ve been living by Lake Taupo since January and I can’t imagine a better place to spend a relaxing 6 month honeymoon. My husband and I have really enjoyed touring the country, hiking, kayaking and just relaxing in our home while we stared at the lovely lake. Here are 10 of my favorite things about […]

Pet a Lion Cub at Paradise Valley Springs in Rotorura

We went to the Rotorura Zoo yesterday and had a fantastic time. Going to zoos in different countries is always exciting because you never know what to expect. In the US zoos have common themes and rules, but in other countries you might get closer to a wild animal or be able to feed some […]

What I miss about Florida

I’ve been living in New Zealand since mid January and I left home on December 24th, so I’m getting a little homesick. In addition to missing irreplaceable things – like my family, friends and mother-in-law’s cat, I’m also missing some random things that just made Florida nice. Please enjoy my humorous post about things I […]