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Sliding Down a Volcano – Mount Ngauruhoe, Tongoriro Crossing

As I slid down the white rock grasping for anything to hold on to, I thought, if I don’t slow down I might actually die. It seems like something you would read in a fiction book or see in a movie. Being from Florida, where the highest point you reach above sea level is in […]

Selling Our Mission Surge Kayak

I can’t believe we are selling our kayak already. It seems as if we just bought it yesterday. In fairness, it has only been 2 months. We had expected to get a little more use out of it, but it is kind of cold and I couldn’t stand a spray from the chilly Lake Taupo […]

Motutaiko Island, Lake Taupo

My favorite kayak trip was to Motutaiko Island in Lake Taupo. I think we went to Motutaiko Island three times. The first time we attempted the trip we didn’t make it. It doesn’t look too far from our launch point on the east side of the lake, but it took over an hour to kayak […]