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Trying Kava in Fiji

The Kava Experience We finally tried Kava the proper way. We had just left the Hindu Temple and were browsing the local shops of Nadi when a Fijian shop owner pulled us into his store. As I’ve found typical of Fijians he asked us our names and had polite conversation before asking us to enter […]

Tokoriki Resort vs. Amunuca – Tokoriki Island, Fiji

We had dinner at Tokoriki again tonight, and, as usual, it was splendid. As soon as I walk into that resort I feel happy. The lush gardens of Tokoriki are a stark contrast to the more desert like landscape of Amunca. We have to hike an unpaved path and pass a bit of a compost […]

How to Pack for 6 Months

When I told friends I was leaving for a 6 month trip to four different islands the first question I got was, ‘How do you pack for 6 months’.  Girls would usually follow-up with ‘What shoes do you take’, before I even answered the first question. Packing isn’t easy, but I have a little experience […]